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Pet Sitters

Are you going on a trip and leaving your Miniature Schnauzer in the care of a Pet Sitter? Well, chances are things will run smoothly while you are away. But...

Just this past week, a neighbor hired a pet sitter to watch her daughter’s Australian Shepherd while they went on a mini vacation together. Her daughter lives in an apartment and they thought keeping the dog at my neighbor's home would be best. On the second day of their leave, I noticed the dog loose and heading into some wooded area behind our subdivision. So many thoughts went through my mind... with temperatures in the 100's the dog could suffer from heat exhaustion or worse. And what if the dog got lost and could not find her way back home? What if she got hit by a car? Or in a dog fight? Or what if she got injured in some other way and was in pain?

I immediately tried to notify the pet sitter but initially got no response. So, I rallied up 2 other neighbors to help me find the dog. I took along one of my Schnauzer’s squeaky toys, his leash and some water. After 30 minutes, Saide came out of the brush towards the sounds of the squeaky toy. I clipped the leash to her collar and gave her some water to drink. I am happy to report that we were able to get Saide back home safely. As far as the pet sitter, he said he did not know how the dog got out.

For pointers and tips on pet sitting check out:
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And be sure to read the *** important tip from Schnauzers Rule for vital instructions you should always leave with the pet sitter.

DOGust 1st

The North Shore Animal League America acknowledges that the actual birth dates of most rescued dogs are unknown and decided it was high time to designate a universal birthday for shelter and rescue dogs everywhere, so they declared the 1st day of August or DOGust the 1st, as a celebratory canine holiday. Now all these wonderful animals get their much deserved recognition.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all rescued & adopted pups out there!

Hey, why not do something special for all your furry rescue friends and send them a free Birthday dog ecard this DOGust 1st. You can send as many as you like. It's FREE!

birthday dog ecard birthday schnauzer ecard

North Shore Animal League America has been saving the lives of innocent dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens, since 1944. They are the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization, choosing to rescue and rehabilitate animals instead of euthanizing them. To find out more: visit North Shore Animal League America website

Diabetic Dog Treat

Special Treat for Diabetic Dogs & All Schnauzers

What you'll need:

  • Canned pumpkin (not pie filling)
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon (optional)
  • Waxed paper
  • Cookie sheet

Line cookie sheet with waxed paper. Mix 1 teaspoon of cinnamon (optional) into canned pumpkin. Drop teaspoon sized portions of canned pumpkin onto waxed paper. Freeze treats for 30 minutes. Once they harden or set, peel the pieces away from the waxed paper and store them in a ziplock bag. Keep treats in freezer until ready to use.

Your Schnauzer will love these super easy-to-make cooling dog treats during the hot summer months and pumpkin is good source of fiber, too.

In case you missed this announcement on our blog:

A Natura Pet Products Class Action Lawsuit may affect your rights if you purchased Innova, EVO, California Natural, HealthWise, Mother Nature, or Karma dog or cat food products during the time period from March 20, 2005 to July 8, 2011.

You can get all the details here (Pet Products Settlement Info) including how to submit a claim form, case overview, your rights & options, a list of frequently asked questions, and contact info.


Bags on Board Retractable Leash with Built-In Bag Dispenser Now it's easy to always have doggy clean-up bags when you walk you Schnauzer. Includes 45 doggy clean-up bags (3 rolls of 15 bags).

Bags on Board Retractable Leash with Built-In Bag Dispenser
Retractable Leash w/ Bag dispenser
Bags on Board Doggie Clean-Up Bags 120 Count
Refill Clean-up Bags

Schnauzer Tributes

Since our last newsletter, two more Tributes were written to honor the lives of beloved companions who crossed Rainbow bridge. Please take a few moments to read these Tributes and post a kind supportive remark to the owners who must miss their Miniature Schnauzers terribly.

Schnauzer of the Month Winner

And the Winner is.......(drumroll pawlease)


Thanks to all the pups that submitted an entry. Every month the judges have such a hard time choosing just one winner because all Miniature Schnauzers are adorable! So if you didn't win this month try again. Here's how:

Send your favorite Miniature Schnauzer photo for a chance at winning the title of Schnauzer of the Month along with your Schnauzer’s photo featured prominently on the front page of Schnauzers Rule website, for thousands to see an awe over!

Enter the Schnauzer of the Month Contest

note: You may submit multiple entries as long as the photos are all different (up to 4 photos per entry). We're looking for the best quality pictures so they can be used in our yearly calendar.

Good Luck!

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