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Pet Toxins

Year after year hundreds of thousands of calls are placed to Animal Poison Control from frantic owners who think their pet has been exposed to a possible toxic or poisonous substance. The most common of these calls include concerns about:

• Human Medications - including aspirin and over the counter drugs.
• Insecticides - like reaction to the flea control treatment.
• Consumption of dangerous people foods like grapes and raisins which can cause kidney failure in dogs; sweetener substitutes like xylitol which can cause liver damage; and chocolates which can cause muscle tremors, seizures and even death.
• Household cleaning supplies like bleach and other detergents.
• Ingestion of a dangerous indoor and/or outdoor plant.
• Reaction to outdoor toxins including antifreeze, fertilizers and ice melts.

Let's all do a better job at keeping secure these possible threats to our pets and always read product labels for proper use, dosage and warnings.

Prevention is key to avoiding accidental exposure. If you think your Miniature Schnauzer has been exposed to a toxic substance, contact your vet or animal poison control immediately.

Schnauzer Detox

Toxins are all around us and get into our pets daily. Think about it, secondhand smoke, chemicals in household cleaners, the chlorine and fluoride in water, preservatives in food, polluted air, pesticides, and the list goes on and on. Here are some steps you can take to help eliminate the day to day toxins that can otherwise overload your Schnauzer's immune system:

• Food Quality - Be sure to feed your Miniature Schnauzer high quality foods only. Lower grade commercial foods and treats have way too many fillers, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, etc... which really put a strain on your Schnauzer's digestive system.
• Filtered Water - Water from the tap contains chemicals and metals. Whenever possible filter your Schnauzer's drinking water.
• Household cleaners - There are plenty of safe and effective eco-friendly household cleaning products that you can use to clean your home instead of using harsh chemicals.
• Air quality - Keep your home well ventilated, avoid smoking, and forgo the aromatic room deodorizers like sprays or plug-ins.
• Exercise - Be sure your Miniature Schnauzer gets daily exercise to improve their overall health.
• Grooming - Toxins are also eliminated through the skin, so regular brushing can help your Schnauzer's skin breathe.
• Support the liver, kidneys, and colon all of which are working hard to remove toxins from your Miniature Schnauzer. Check out these natural detox products that help support your pet's immune system.


With Mother's Day being celebrated this coming month on May 8 (that's just 10 days from today) you might want to check out the wide selection of gift ideas for Moms who love Mini Schnauzers.

And for a really nice surprise send this special Smoochies card to Mom, from your Miniature Schnauzer!

Schnauzer Tributes

Since our last newsletter, a Tribute was written to honor the lives of two beloved companions who crossed Rainbow bridge. Please take a few moments to read this tribute to Miniature Schnauzers Callie & Lexie and post a kind supportive remark to the owners who must miss them terribly.

A Tribute to Callie & Lexie
schnauzer dog angel

Schnauzer of the Month Winner

And the Winner is.......(drumroll pawlease)

Flossy Fay

Thanks to all the pups that submitted an entry. Every month the judges have such a hard time choosing just one winner because all Miniature Schnauzers are adorable! So if you didn't win this month try again. Here's how:

Send your favorite Miniature Schnauzer photo for a chance at winning the title of Schnauzer of the Month along with your Schnauzer’s photo featured prominently on the front page of Schnauzers Rule website, for thousands to see an awe over!

Enter the May Schnauzer of the Month Contest

note: You may submit multiple entries as long as the photos are all different (up to 4 photos per entry). We're looking for the best quality pictures so they can be used in our yearly calendar.

Good Luck!

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