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Walk Nicely And We'll Go Far
April 08, 2013

2nd Quarter Newsletter April 2013

Hi everyone. Here's our 2nd quarter newsletter for 2013. We hope you find the information useful and valuable.

Inside this issue:
• Training Your Dog to Walk on a Loose Leash
• What is Carrageenan and What's it Doing in My Dog's Food?
• Schnauzer of the Month Winner

We also want to remind everyone of 2 very special holidays that are coming up:
• Mother's Day Sunday May 12
• Father's Day June 16

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Walk Nicely and We'll Go Far Together

Is your Miniature Schnauzer constantly pulling on his leash? If so, do you think he's doing it because he knows it upsets you? Of course not. Your Schnauzer is pulling ahead because he wants to go towards a sight, sound or smell he's picking up on and..... you’re moving too slow. :) It’s really that simple. But you can teach your Schnauzer how to walk nicely on a loose leash with some training. Here's how:

Teaching Your Schnauzer to Walk on a Loose Leash

It's best to begin the training sessions where there is the least amount of possible distractions.

Use a regular 6 ft. leash as it will give you the most control. Flexi style leashes are harder to control and allow your dog too much leeway. As far as using a collar or harness, either is okay. Despite what you may have been told, a harness does not encourage pulling. It only allows a dog the ability to pull since no pressure is being applied to the dog's neck. If you are unsure about what type of collar to use, ask your veterinarian.

The basic principles of walking a dog on a loose leash are simple: 1) Walk the dog. 2) Stop walking when the leash tightens. 3) Resume walking only after the dog relaxes the leash.

Sounds pretty easy right? Well the steps are easy but getting your dog to learn them takes some patience, time, and practice. So get your Schnauzer, the leash, and some treats and let's begin training.

Start with your dog on leash. Begin walking forward. As soon as the leash tightens stop immediately. Tap your hand on your thigh to get your Schnauzer to turn his head towards you. Praise him for doing so. Tap your leg again and walk backwards for a few steps to get your dog to approach. Treat your dog for complying. Now that the leash is loose wait a few seconds and say "Let's Go" and resume walking forward again. Every time the leash tightens, stop and repeat the previous steps.

Remember to remain calm and relaxed when training your dog. You will soon have a Schnauzer that is a joy to take on walks.

Click here to read the complete article on loose leash training and helpful dog walking tips.

What is Carrageenan Anyways?

This past March marked the 6th anniversary of the massive pet food recall of 2007. It is a good reminder as to why we should never stop checking food labels. Even if you are having success with a particular dog food brand, keep in mind companies may change and/or add to their ingredients.

Recently I received a letter expressing concern about a Schnauzer that was tucking in his tail and clinging to his owner after his meals. He couldn't figure out why his dog was doing this. After reviewing the list of ingredients, I found carrageenan listed. So what is it anyways? Carrageenan is a food additive used as a thickener or stabilizer but scientists have raised serious concerns about its safety in foods. Based on laboratory animal studies consumption was shown to cause gastrointestinal inflammation, ulcerations and colitis-like disease. Luckily for this little Schnauzer, his owner changed his diet and he is once again acting normally.

The things we learn from our dogs. It never ceases to amaze me the things I learn from owning a dog. Until this letter, I had never heard of carrageenan but it is commonly found in foods like yogurt, ice cream, cottage cheese, and other processed foods. So if your stomach starts cramping a bit after eating these types of food, maybe it's because of the carrageenan. I'm just saying...

And what about BHT and BHA? Most of us know that these chemical preservatives have been linked to cancer and should never be listed on our dog's food label. But are you watching what you eat? Popular brands like Kellogg's and Post cereals have BHT listed "for freshness". These known carcinogenic toxins are found in many foods we eat including breads, snack foods, cookies, and even chewing gum, too! And we're consuming it!

FYI, we humans are animals too. If it's not fit for my dog, I sure don't want it. Best advice... read the labels.

Schnauzer of the Month

And the Winner is.......(drumroll pawlease)

Miniature Schnauzer Angel

Thanks to all the pups that submitted an entry. Every month the judges have such a hard time choosing just one winner because all Miniature Schnauzers are so adorable!

If you would like to enter your dog, submit your very best Miniature Schnauzer photo(s) along with a story for a chance at winning the title of Schnauzer of the Month. Your Schnauzer's photo will be prominently featured on the front page of our website, for thousands to see an awe over. Be sure to read through the official contest rules and guidelines and when you're ready...

Enter the 2013 Schnauzer of the Month Contest

Good Luck!

The Editor's Note

The Schnauzer Scoop is a quarterly ezine to update our readers on dog news, updates to our website, along with alerts on pet food recalls, dog tips, and more.

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